Kompel Ltd. opened its warehouse and its commercial base in Budapest in 1999.

We are an importing and distributing wholesale offering convenient shopping and parking facilities. We are ready to welcome our Clients in our shop at 20. Vaspálya utca, Kőbánya.

In the beginning, Kompel Ltd. imported consumer electronics primarily.

Due to the changes of the internal market (caused by the expansion of multinational companies in Hungary), Kompel Ltd. decided to fill the gaps in the market according to the modified market demands.

Now we are distributing electric and electronic products nationwide for industrial and residential users.


Klíma tartozékok és kiegészítők - Kompel Kft. - Budapest

Accesories for air conditioning

Aesthetic appearance, air ducts, plastic and brass fittings, pipes, consoles and condensate pumps for professionals.

Klíma tartozékok és kiegészítők - Kompel Kft. - Budapest

Electric heating

Products are energy saving and economically friendly. Terrace heating by infra heaters. Interior and exterior infra heater panels and underfloor heating, economic operation.

Klíma tartozékok és kiegészítők - Kompel Kft. - Budapest

Ventilation technology

We are able to provide complete HVAC material requirements. Fans, fan heaters, air curtains, heat recovery units, fan-coils.

Klíma tartozékok és kiegészítők - Kompel Kft. - Budapest

Pumps, fluid control

We offer auxiliary products relating to our main profile in a wide range. This way, we are able to ensure all the material requirements of a complete implementation.

Klíma tartozékok és kiegészítők - Kompel Kft. - Budapest

Insect traps

Electric insect traps with UV fluorescent lamps, electric fan insect traps, electric high voltage insect traps and adhesive tape insect traps.

The strengthening of the company in the Hungarian market was greatly helped by the efficient work and the exclusive distribution rights of a few supplier / manufacturer.

Sales is done with the help of a network of regional sales representatives who divided the country into five virtual parts in order to optimalize the best the mutually reinforcing power of their joint work.

The high degree of professional competence and the exactitude of our representatives and our technical department help our Clients in choosing the most appropriate product for them.

The distribution of our products is widespread in Hungary. Our customers are primarily large construction companies, entrepreneurs, building engineers on the field of industrial ventilation. The distribution of our heating and other products are conducted by the reselling networks of distributors, servicemen and end- users.

Our mission is to provide the best quality products that ensures long-term benefits and maximal safety for the industrial and residential users as well.

Products distributed by Kompel Ltd. are exclusively from European origin, that means a guarantee that the risks of quality problems are reduced to virtually zero.

Besides our import activity we deal with service activity at our premise. Our service leader has a high professional knowledge and great experience in servicing our products: from repairing flow sensors, through pressure switches to frequency changers. We undertake to service all the products we distribute.

Our customers prefer to choose high quality and safety at an appropriate price.